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Currently, the online casino industry is very developed, which can be explained by the convenience and ease of use of such sites. Everyone who was interested in online casino paid attention to the online casino bonus. This is a special kind of rewards for new and existing users that the casino provides for no reason or for any activity. Today, many casinos offer bonuses, and they can vary in format, terms, conditions, and amounts. This article contains all the information about what casino bonuses can be found today, what types they are divided into and how to use them. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of bonuses available today to find the best deal in today’s UK online casino market.

Best Online Casino Boni UK

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Why Online Casinos Offer Bonuses

Almost every modern gambling site today offers casino bonuses. Such generous offers can be explained by several reasons. The main one is competition. The fact is that online casinos are so popular that almost every day a new gaming site is opened. Such high competition makes UK online casino create very tempting conditions for players and the main tempting condition is the online casino bonus. We can say that this is a kind of casino investment in the player. The gaming platform offers the player free money or spins, thereby motivating him to play on this site. It turns out that the casino bonus is a marketing ploy that benefits both the player and the casino.

Types of Online Casino Bonuses UK

casino bonusAlmost every gaming site today offers various free casino bonus uk. As already mentioned, they can be issued for completely different types of activities, or even just like that. The online casino bonus can be credited for registration, replenishment of the account, achievement of certain results, in honor of any holiday, for example, the player’s birthday. They can be in the form top online casino bonus of real money, free spins, cashback or other options. In order to receive a online casino bonus, you need to follow a number of steps depending on the variety, the most common types of rewards will be discussed in more detail below.

Online casino welcome bonus

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A casino welcome bonus is a player promotion that is available to new users. Its main purpose is to attract new players to the casino site and it is the most effective marketing ploy used by almost all casinos. Welcome bonuses can be divided into two types:Welcome Bonus

  • No deposit bonuses. A British online casino no deposit bonus is a reward that a player receives simply for the fact of registering on the site. The player simply goes through the registration procedure and receives his gift. The bonus is remarkable in that it allows new players to evaluate the quality and reliability of a new casino without having to invest money. A no deposit bonus online casino is not so common, but such an incentive is most attractive to players.
  • Deposit bonus. These are also bonuses for new players. Its terms and conditions are different from the no deposit casino bonus. The player will also have to not only register, but also replenish the game balance, the minimum replenishment amount is indicated in the bonus description.

We can say that any casino bonus for registration, regardless of the conditions for making a deposit, is a great help for new players at the start.

Reload Bonus

Casino bonuses are designed to reward not only new players, but also existing players.

Reload BonusTo keep the platform attractive to users even after receiving a welcome gift, players are offered so-called reload casino bonuses. Such bonuses can be for specific deposits to the player’s account, for example, 3, 5, 7 and so on, or all after the first deposit. Such bonuses are usually more modest than welcome bonuses, but the player can use them more than once. For a better understanding, consider a few examples.

  • 30% reload bonus on any deposit of £50 or more. This means that if a player makes a deposit of more than £50, the casino gives him a 30% bonus on his deposit.
  • 50% reload bonus on any deposit over £50 on weekends. This means that the player will receive an online casino bonus of 50% of the deposit amount if the deposit exceeds £50 and is made on weekends.

Free spins

Free spins are a very popular option for casino online bonus. This is an opportunity to run any slot machine for free. The player makes a bet on some machine, and the casino pays for this bet. If the bet succeeds, the player takes the winnings, it turns out that the player can win free money without investing at all. Such prizes can be awarded when new slots are launched, for various events. Free spins can also be included in the welcome bonus.
It is important to read the free spins terms and conditions. Some of them may apply to all slots available at the casino. Some of them are available only for certain groups of machines, for example, for slots from one developer. And sometimes the free spins bonus in the casino applies only to one specific game. Free spins are a great way to try out new games for free, which is what makes them so popular.

Cashback Bonus

Cashback bonus at the casino is another option for encouraging active players from the side of the administration. During the game, users experience happy and unhappy moments. No matter how much the player wins, some part of the money will still be lost. Some casinos offer to return part of the lost money in the form of a casino cashback bonus.
Of course, the casino will not just return part of the player’s winnings; each site sets its own conditions for obtaining such an option; it should be noted that very often they are quite real. It is best to consider how the cashback option works with a few examples.Cashback Bonus

  • 20% cashback on losses over £1,000 in a week. If a player loses more than £1,000 in a week, the casino refunds 20% of the lost amount.
  • Cashback of 15% per week on bets over £2,000. This means that the player will receive a 15% weekly cashback in the form of an online casino bonus if the total amount of all their bets for the week (both successful and unsuccessful) exceeds £2,000.

Referral bonus for friend at online casino

Friend Referral Bonus – Similar to the referral program used by many non-gambling sites and websites as it is a great marketing tool. A player invites his friend to a gambling site, after the invitee registers, he automatically receives an online casino bonus, which can be represented not only by real money, but also by free spins or another option. In addition, prizes can be received not only by the user, but even by the player invited by him, it all depends on the rules of a particular casino. Casino bonuses for inviting a friend are quite rare, but they can still be found among UK casinos.

Bonuses for VIP and High Rollers

Bonuses for VIPThen there is the online casino bonus, which is a little different from the regular one. Many sites keep track of the money spent by players and their success. The more a user plays, the higher their level, and each new level offers players better and better game conditions. When a player reaches the highest level, he is given VIP status.

Players with this status are entitled to special privileges, this is not necessarily a regular casino bonus, it can be increased cashback, accelerated payouts, a personal manager or even just gifts such as travel, equipment, cars and so on.
Additional especially high casino bonuses are also provided to players who regularly play at high stakes and replenish their accounts with large amounts. Such bonuses can reach up to 500% of the deposit amount.

Mobile casino online bonus

Today, many casinos release their applications, which are available for tablets and smartphones for convenience. Some hold various casino promotions for mobile app users. For example, an online casino bonus for installing an application. This allows players who download the casino app to earn extra money or spins. It is worth noting that the administrators carefully monitor this process, so the player must log into the application with his account, therefore, this casino bonus can only be received once on the first download.

Loyalty Bonus

While the welcome bonus is exclusively for new players, the loyalty bonus is designed to reward existing users who have been using the casino for a long time. Such casino promotions allow players who use the site the longest and most actively to receive certain rewards, and the amount and option for which the casino bonus is awarded depends on the rules of the particular casino. You can usually find them in the general rules under the “bonuses” tab.

Online casino bonus codes

casino Promo codesSuch bonuses can be found in many companies, not only gambling. In the casino, promotional codes are quite rare. Such a casino bonus can allow the player to make additional free bets, receive increased cashback, as well as real money. The offer is activated when the player enters a special code in the appropriate field on the casino website.
Online casino bonus codes can be found on various thematic forums, as well as on casino review sites. Mailing lists are also a popular option for receiving bonuses. The casino administration can send them to all users or the most active ones. Therefore, it is recommended to subscribe to the newsletter from the administration of the online casino. These messages will contain a lot of useful information, as well as promotional codes for receiving a certain casino bonus.

Tournaments and races in online casinos

After receiving a welcome bonus, a player can simply start playing at a casino or take part in numerous tournaments organized by many casinos.

This casino bonus is represented by various tasks and quests, upon completion of which players receive nice gifts. For example, a casino might challenge a user to place as many bets on a certain game on a certain day as possible, then the results are calculated and the top users are rewarded. Sometimes the number of marked players can reach a thousand.
The sites also regularly organize tournaments for some specific games. This is a great opportunity to compete with other users, which players really like. Players who win prizes get good bonuses.

Bonuses when choosing a payment method

Free bonus online casino can be awarded not only for certain actions or deposits. You can get real money or spins simply for the fact of choosing any payment system for making money transactions. Online casino sites usually offer multiple transaction options, all of which are verified and trustworthy. However, for the use of some of them, players can receive casino bonuses.
The fact is that some payment systems want to increase their popularity, so they offer various sites to cooperate with the casino, thereby providing the player who has chosen a particular system with a casino bonus. Many users like this approach because they are not obligated to anything. Bonuses become available simply by using any payment system.

Online casino promotions

Sometimes casino bonuses are offered as a one-time offer as part of a promotion. Such offers are offered by casinos in order to increase their popularity in comparison with competitors. They are not common, but usually have simple conditions. Both new and old players can take advantage of such bonuses. How exactly the casino promo bonus will look like and under what conditions it will be credited depends on the conditions of a particular promotion.

Lucky Lottery Bonus

Lottery BonusThe welcome bonus or any other bonus can also be awarded randomly. For certain actions, players receive a lottery ticket. As a result, the player can receive any casino bonus. These can be free spins, cash or other gifts for various amounts.
The lottery can be held in completely different formats. For example, for each deposit, the player receives one lottery ticket. It can be represented by a wheel, which is found in casino bonuses. The player spins the wheel and receives one of the prizes. It should be noted that not all casinos hold such lotteries.

Newsletter casino bonuses

This is not only a welcome bonus, which is immediately available to new players, but many others. In order to have all the information about which casino bonuses are currently available, it is necessary not only to read the news and advertisements on the site, it is important to subscribe to the casino newsletter.
The administration periodically sends out special newsletters to all subscribers so that players have the opportunity to receive any online casino bonus. They can be sent for various reasons:

  • in honor of the holiday;
  • in recognition of the merit of the player;
  • stock;
  • for no reason.

These can be links to activate the bonus or special promotional codes that give the player access to gifts from the casino administration. All a player needs to do in order to receive such a casino bonus is to subscribe to the newsletter. This option is offered to the player automatically upon registration or can be activated manually in the profile settings.

Methods for withdrawing bonuses in online casinos

online casino

It is worth noting that casino bonuses cannot be withdrawn just like that. There are, of course, bonuses that do not contain withdrawal conditions, but such an offer is almost impossible to find today.
Initially, the casino bonus is credited to a special bonus account from which it cannot be withdrawn. For a withdrawal to be available, the funds must be in the player’s main balance. And for this it is necessary to fulfill certain conditions, which can be very different:

  • the duration of the bonus;
  • a list of games in which you can use the gift;
  • minimum and maximum rates;
  • limit of winnings from bonus funds;
  • wagering requirements.

The last parameter is usually the key, almost every casino bonus has a bet size. For a complete understanding, it is better to consider this process with a specific example. Assume that a player receives a 100 percent casino bonus on their first deposit with a x20 wagering rate, with a 30 day wagering period. The player deposited £100. Thus, 100 pounds were credited to the main account, and 100 pounds to the bonus account. In order to withdraw the bonus funds, the player must, within 30 days, wager real money in an amount equal to 20 times the amount of the bonus (in this case £200). All such conditions are described in the terms and conditions, which include a description of all casino bonuses.

How to choose the right online casino bonus uk

online casino bonus

Usually, players pay attention to the amount of money or the number of spins that the casino bonus provides. However, this approach is not entirely correct. To receive casino bonuses, you should pay attention to the conditions for receiving them.
We want to say that some bonuses contain conditions that make the bonus simply unprofitable, while some conditions are quite feasible and look attractive. For example, a modest offer of 50% of the deposit amount with a x10 wagering ratio can be much better than a big 300% bonus with a x60 wagering ratio. Of course, in the second case, the player will receive much more, but will spend an even larger amount. Therefore, it is worth studying the terms and conditions in advance, making calculations in order to be able to choose a really good bonus.

How bonuses work and how to use them

The casino bonus can have a completely different look and be provided for different occasions. For example, a welcome bonus is aimed at attracting new players, while gifts under a loyalty program are aimed at retaining an existing audience. In any case, these promotions are marketing tools.
Some bonuses may be good for the casino, while others may be good for the gambling site and the user. It all depends solely on the casino, its rules, policies and the purpose of the promotion. Sometimes you can find bonuses that do not require any conditions at all, but today this is almost impossible. To find out exactly how much real money a casino bonus can bring, you need to carefully read its terms and conditions.

Casino bonuses are definitely a great opportunity to play at the casino. They allow you to choose a good offer and start exploring a new casino. Modern resources offer not only a welcome bonus, which is an incentive for registering new players. There are also bonuses for old players who have been using the services of a gambling site for a long time. Today, casino bonuses are available in a huge number of options, it can be money, free spins, lottery tickets, cashback and so on. Bonuses can also be awarded to the player for completely different reasons, or even just like that. All this allows players to receive really interesting rewards and choose a profitable online casino bonus from a wide range.


Which casino gives me a welcome bonus?

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Almost every casino offers a welcome bonus these days.

Is it worth taking advantage of the casino bonus?

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As a rule, of course, casino bonuses are great gifts on good terms.

What is a time limit?

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This is the period that is given to the player to fulfill the conditions accompanying the bonus.

What is the casino bonus turnover?

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This is a bet, for example, X20, which means that the player must wager the bonus amount 20 times (in this case) within a certain period of time.

Where can I find information about the bonus?

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Information about casino bonuses can usually be found in the relevant sections of the site. You can also ask this question to the casino support service.

What are the benefits of high rollers?

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Yes, some sites offer especially generous casino bonuses for high rollers.
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